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Life in 2007

Other than this sentence I will make no reference to my LJ sabbatical.

It's been said but I must reiterate that 2006 is soooo yesterday.

Anyway, to begin my only new years resolution I present my faithful readers with The Best of 2006: Album.

So this cd is actually what inspired me to write my lame-O, cliche "best of" series. To me, Of Montreal's latest EP just reeks of empowerment. This in itself is nothing special, however like other OM albums what makes Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? so unique is the position of the song's narrative voice: A self defeating romantic who criticizes and magnifies his own distance from a delirious generation.
This is where I stick my foot in my mouth and admit that the release date on this album is technically January 23 of 2007. Would anyone believe that I'm such a big fan PolyVinylRecords up and sent me a pre-release copy for critiquing purposes? No? Well they didn't but seeing as I obtained it in 2006 this album still makes my “best of” list.
I digress. But that's O.K because Kevin Barnes (the magic behind OM) does the same and still pulls off a melodious chorus condoning the slaying of dragons. His lyrics stand by themselves, especially in HFAYTD classics such as “Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider.” Opening with the line “saw a hot girl kissing girls for a shock. I said she must be an artist,” OM sets the stage for a mighty slap across the face of Black-Jetta girls everywhere. The listener earns a newfound respect for the band as the narrator not only turns down her come-on but declares “I have a tigress back at at home and besides, you wouldn't know to do with me.” This disgust for the majority of our peers is the Indie status quo but taken to a hilarious and fancy full level. Other lyrics find our hero spying across a party “the girl that left me bitter” wishing he could “pay some other girl to just walk up to her and hit her.”
The sound accompanying this angst could not stray further from unsigned garage crap as the intricate strings and dozing electronics lull the listener into a trance of unnerving serenity. Who would use such a happy guitar rift to disguise the time we waste in instant message prompts? No one, that's who.
The empowering of the listener and the indie movement is achieved through a theme of togetherness and group belonging. A sort of diverging clique set aside from the mainstream. This identity is best described by Modest Mouse but even in Good News For People Who Love Bad News MM keeps their identities from belonging. This is the connection made in HFAYTD. Everyone listening has a place in OM's Indie utopia and the can be shown no more clearly than in “A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsinger” and through the family mentioned in this song and others.
OM has done a lot to define Indie for me. I feel quite satisfied listening to their music. The kind of fulfillment that cold soda gives you on a summer afternoon. You know you're full but its just gas and sugar. Not once does OM pretend like things are looking great for our generation but they do insist that those of us worth saving can find that salvation through love and appreciation.
This was my first music review and my first “article” written in years so please excuse it sucking. I tried to get it in before midnight but I couldn't so just deal. GO BUY THIS ALBUM!

Also this is my greatest present. It is really fantastic, a truely professional camera in my hands, it feels excellent.
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