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Alot of Fun
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Date:2007-01-01 22:24
Subject:Life in 2007
Mood: hopeful

Other than this sentence I will make no reference to my LJ sabbatical.

It's been said but I must reiterate that 2006 is soooo yesterday.

Anyway, to begin my only new years resolution I present my faithful readers with The Best of 2006: Album.

So this cd is actually what inspired me to write my lame-O, cliche "best of" series. To me, Of Montreal's latest EP just reeks of empowerment. This in itself is nothing special, however like other OM albums what makes Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? so unique is the position of the song's narrative voice: A self defeating romantic who criticizes and magnifies his own distance from a delirious generation.
This is where I stick my foot in my mouth and admit that the release date on this album is technically January 23 of 2007. Would anyone believe that I'm such a big fan PolyVinylRecords up and sent me a pre-release copy for critiquing purposes? No? Well they didn't but seeing as I obtained it in 2006 this album still makes my “best of” list.
I digress. But that's O.K because Kevin Barnes (the magic behind OM) does the same and still pulls off a melodious chorus condoning the slaying of dragons. His lyrics stand by themselves, especially in HFAYTD classics such as “Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider.” Opening with the line “saw a hot girl kissing girls for a shock. I said she must be an artist,” OM sets the stage for a mighty slap across the face of Black-Jetta girls everywhere. The listener earns a newfound respect for the band as the narrator not only turns down her come-on but declares “I have a tigress back at at home and besides, you wouldn't know to do with me.” This disgust for the majority of our peers is the Indie status quo but taken to a hilarious and fancy full level. Other lyrics find our hero spying across a party “the girl that left me bitter” wishing he could “pay some other girl to just walk up to her and hit her.”
The sound accompanying this angst could not stray further from unsigned garage crap as the intricate strings and dozing electronics lull the listener into a trance of unnerving serenity. Who would use such a happy guitar rift to disguise the time we waste in instant message prompts? No one, that's who.
The empowering of the listener and the indie movement is achieved through a theme of togetherness and group belonging. A sort of diverging clique set aside from the mainstream. This identity is best described by Modest Mouse but even in Good News For People Who Love Bad News MM keeps their identities from belonging. This is the connection made in HFAYTD. Everyone listening has a place in OM's Indie utopia and the can be shown no more clearly than in “A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsinger” and through the family mentioned in this song and others.
OM has done a lot to define Indie for me. I feel quite satisfied listening to their music. The kind of fulfillment that cold soda gives you on a summer afternoon. You know you're full but its just gas and sugar. Not once does OM pretend like things are looking great for our generation but they do insist that those of us worth saving can find that salvation through love and appreciation.
This was my first music review and my first “article” written in years so please excuse it sucking. I tried to get it in before midnight but I couldn't so just deal. GO BUY THIS ALBUM!

Also this is my greatest present. It is really fantastic, a truely professional camera in my hands, it feels excellent.

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Date:2006-11-21 01:05
Mood: horrified

Is there anyone else out there as sick to the stomache about this as me?

UCLA orders outside probe of Taser arrest

and the video

UCLA Police Taser Student in Powell

this actually makes me scared and sick. I want to vomit and hug someone at the same time. Any takers?

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Date:2006-09-22 13:05
Subject:CHECK IT!
Mood: german

Come celebrate everything german c/o the Cordes family!

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Date:2006-09-19 01:07
Subject:I'm Home!
Mood: awe

Never have I felt so comfortable.
This morning I woke up to Carolyn's smiling face and this:

The view outside my room. I still cannot believe I acheived this, the gods must truely have conspired in my favor. This is an opportunity I CANNOT waste.
btw, this is my room:

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Date:2006-09-15 12:18
Subject:The long awaited huge update will come in sections

My surfing crew:

Eric "The Hammerhead" Taylor

Alex "The Albatross" White

Sebastian "The Seahorse" Sovero

We are amazing.

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Date:2006-09-15 11:08

Ok, seriously, more updates to come.

Norm McDonald on the Daily Show = WatCH!

[everything I do is on purpose]

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Date:2006-09-09 20:47

Pamela :For your best orgasm ever, go vegetarian.

May, 17 2006

Pamela Anderson is urging fans to pep up their sex lives by turning vegetarian.

To mark National Orgasm Day, Pamela hailed her healthy diet for her fabulous sex life on her official website.

She writes, "For your best orgasm ever, go vegetarian."

In support of Anderson's claims, a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spokeswoman insists, "(Because) meat clogs arteries going not just to your heart but other vital organs, the best sex tip is to go veggie."

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Date:2006-06-26 19:45
Subject:guess what?!?!
Mood: ecstatic

whats the single coolest thing that could ever happen to me right now?


Yay for a full night's sleep!!!

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Date:2006-06-22 17:50
Subject:swanky... hehe, just try and say it without giggling
Mood: excited

consider this an invitation to the dinner party of the season! not dressed up? not allowed in!

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Date:2006-06-06 12:26
Subject:in lighter news
Mood: slip n' slidy

I own it and we rule. End transmission.

it kinda makes me want to seizure looking at them all together so i might space them out.

also a special honorary mention to Vince Tunsi for participating.

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Date:2006-06-05 20:13
Subject:***EMO POST***
Mood: miserable

How do you prove to the people you love that you are worth loving?

and as a follow-up question how do you know whether or not you deserve the attention you cry-out for or if you are just being selfish?

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Date:2006-05-09 14:07
Subject:Photography Project
Mood: listless

Picture was taken at moorpark college around 2:30 AM last friday night. Its blurry cause i didn't have the camera on a tripod but I was really there to shoot film so hopefully that turned out better.

bigger version here

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Date:2006-05-08 22:48
Mood: angry

Just fucking disgusting. Its not even a joke as far as I can tell. their archives just make me sick.

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Date:2006-04-26 23:11

[melodramatic casey]
I think I'm part-way through a pretty serious mental fuckupedness. Setting aside the medical jargon, I am on a stomach-turning broad spectrum antibiotic because of a viral illness that doctor's can only attribute to stress. I have pretty swift changes in how I feel from bouncy and healthy to down and definately i'll. Granted I haven't been eating well and have been swallowing down rather than facing up to alot of the issues right now, but still I have never had stress so overwhelming that it actually overwhelms me. I can't even sit down and start to finish a project without instantly comprehending all of the unstarted ones and just flipping out. I can't even go on I'm getting upset just talking about it. Point is I've never had this happen before.

I wish I was spending more time having fun. My classload isn't just tough on my body its tough on my relationship with Carolyn and my ability to emotionally support my mom. On top of the climax of 24 units and some work on the side tuesday would have been my parents' 36th anneversary. I felt horrible that I couldn't focus enough to do something nice for my mom and everytime I tried to talk to her I just melted.

It almost bugs me more that what comes out of this is not a push for control but a sigh of indifference. And not even indifference, I just get stuck in apathetic mode and can't shake it. This whole post is a testimate to this depressing spiral of depressingness.

[/melodramatic casey]

In good news Prom is friday and no matter what that is gonna be a ton of fun. Umm, I'm not sure what else to say. But there is some other happy stuff that, like always, outweighs the bad tenfold. Just hard to see that sometimes.

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Date:2006-04-23 22:59

I've never been this hydrated in my entire fucking life. I'm kinda pretty sick so I've had probably a few gallons of water today and about 6 glasses of milk. (Part of this sickness is a perpetually painfull mouth and an unquenchable thirst) Unfortunately this is all counteracted by my only meals consistings of chocolate and microwaved chicken nuggets... Seriously I'm screwed up. Anywho I am supressing a shitload of... I guess you call them feelings, lately and a primary one being stress. This tuesday would be my parents 36th anneversary and that is definately a sad thing I'm supressing and last sat was miss carolyn's birthday and that was definately a happy thing that i did not supress.
I have been spending too much time on Deviant Art and I won a chunk of change on Poker Stars this weekend. Life is busy but I'm taking it slow (at the cost of productivity/sanity).
Anywho, trying real hard to keep contact with friends. Sorry I suck at that. Also I love Carolyn, surfing, and finding new and different outlets for my limitless but slushy creativity.

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Date:2006-04-19 22:38

I think you get more out of them when you see them full sized [Link]

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Date:2006-04-19 00:13

One more. Took me quite a while.

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Date:2006-04-18 17:02

A few recent deviations added to my gallery...





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Date:2006-03-20 13:23
Mood: satisfied

last night was amazing, after a last minute and a little lengthy day at work i get a call from miss carolyn inviting me to a Belle and Sebastian concert she received tickets for that moment, FOR FREE! These are $80 tickets that sold out in two days and we were there! The New Pornographers opened and needless to say the night was splendid. There are not words for it, to be honest. Best concert ever!


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Date:2006-03-10 22:50
Mood: impressed

Ok, Ok, so I was wrong regarding the potential of small handheld digital cameras.

By Vince

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